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Eventide Steps Inside: Owen's Room

Eventide Steps Inside: Owen's Room

Susan Leach, a talented seamstress, business owner, and mother of two boys living in Columbia, TN, has handmade quilts for friends and family - she has also sprinkled her own home with many of her creations. In her son's room, she has the perfect colorful white and red accent quilt that radiates boyhood in Owen's (age 3) big boy room.

Owen's sweet name was actually picked out by his own grandmother decades ago.  Susan's mom wanted to use it to commemorate the name of the street she lived on when first married to her father, but they never got around to using it. When Susan had her first son, she and her husband, Bryson, loved the name and that it was a sweet nod to her parents and their hometown.
When first starting on Owen's room after he had outgrown the nursery, Susan was certain of three things - she wanted Farrow & Ball Cromarty walls, a vintage chalkboard, and an Eventide Pennant Co name pennant! She wanted to create a space that mixed the old and new and was a fun and inviting place for a 2 year-old boy. Knowing that one day Owen would share the room with little brother, Amos, she wanted to include homemade and vintage goods, as well as items that are actually useful for the boys so the room can grow along with the boys.
Their home is a classic, built in the 1940's. Between the smaller sized bedrooms and many windows taking up most of their wall space, Susan said they had to be extremely intentional with the pieces that made the cut for Owen's room. They are so pleased with how the room came together and in a few years they hope to add in some fun bunk beds to adapt the room to fit both brothers. 
Susan's favorite pieces in Owen's room are his bookshelf, which was handmade by his Poppy, his black spindle bed, and his name pennant! 
When making decisions on Owen's name pennant, Susan knew there had to be some red accent in it to coordinate with the red and white quilt she made for the end of his bed. She found our cursive font to be the most exciting and settled on a bright red background, white letters, and light blue siding to coordinate with Owen's bedding.
Susan was able to thrift or repurpose several items of furniture in this room. The chalkboard was found at a thrift shop long ago, waiting for its perfect placement in this "all boy" room. His dresser was actually Bryson's as a child and together, they freshened it up with a new coat of paint.
Now can we all just stop and admire Owen's mushroom night light? Susan admits it was a splurge item but says it was worth every dollar - so cute and Owen LOVES it! It is just one of the finishing touches that made this room feel like Owen in a nutshell!

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