It all got started when Allison and Jacob were awaiting the arrival of their son, Hewitt.  When trying to think of a way to document and measure his monthly growth during his first year, a name pennant that she'd seen on a friend's wall came to mind.  After creating a pennant for their son, Allison began creating them for friends and friends of friends, etc. until finally Eventide Pennant Co was founded in 2019. 

In the beginning, Allison was going to work creating pennants in the evenings after she was done with her full time day-job as an elementary PE teacher.  Now Allison juggles EPC while being at home with their 2 of their 3 kids.  Safe to say, pennants still get made in the evenings. However, over the past 2 years, EPC has gained a handful of employees and a studio space that help streamline the production process!

Allison and Jacob currently live in Charleston, SC with their 3 kids, Hewitt, Annie Drew, and Salem.

(Photo by Lane Hamilton Photography)