What are the dimensions of the standard size pennant and mini pennant? 

Standard: ~11in x 18in (corner to tip)

Mini: ~6.5in x 10in (corner to tip)


Can I order a mini pennant with block letters?

We currently offer the mini pennants with cursive lettering only. We offer mini initial pennants in freestyle and block fonts.


What is the turnaround time for my order?

We are currently working with a 3-4 week turnaround time.  Be sure to plan accordingly when placing an order.


What if I need my order sooner than 3-4 weeks?

Feel free to purchase the "rush my order" add-on listing along with your pennant(s).  This will place your order at the top of the queue and it will ship out with the next batch. One 'rush' will apply to one pennant/bunting/banner.


Are all the letters cut by hand?

Block letters are all cut by Allison's own two hands at first, then digitized and machine-cut (we do not use a pre-made font).  Cursive and freestyle letters are handlettered by Allison's own two hands.


What fonts do you use?

We do not use a font or stencil.  Each block letter is uniquely cut using muscle memory before each is digitized.  Cursives and freestyles are handlettered (written and rewritten until perfect!).


How do you recommend I hang my pennant?

People often use small nails/tacks, putty, command strips, or even tape doubled over. We offer wooden tacks and sticky tack/putty as mounting options.


Do you offer wholesale pricing?

Yes. For wholesale inquiries, please email info@eventidepennantco.com


How many letters fit on a pennant?

The limit for block letters is 8.  The limit for cursive is 9.  On occasion, longer names can fit in cursive.  If you have a question, feel free to email info@eventidepennantco.com


Do you offer gift wrapping and/or gift messages?

We do not offer gift wrapping, but each gift order will be packaged in a cellophane sleeve just like all other orders.  We do offer gift messages.  Feel free to include the message in the notes on your order.  All gift messages will be handwritten.


Do you offer local pick-up?

We are happy to offer local pick-up to our fellow Charleston, SC friends. Just add a note in your order and we will be in touch.