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Purple Unicorns. Not the title of most people's mood boards, but the only two qualifiers for bedroom decor for Lucy, 5 year-old daughter of Kim and Scott Vargo of Yellow Brick Home based in Chicago. This classic girly girl worked with her favorite interior designers, mom and dad, as she hand picked her big girl bedroom frills.
Kim and Scott found it important to let Lucy be involved in the design process of her own bedroom and they enjoyed making her dream room a reality as a family. 
First up on Lucy's wishlist was working purple into the room - Kim picked a beautiful pinky-purple to accent Lucy's girliness on the walls and frame of her lofted bed. Kim raised Lucy's bed and put a second one under it to maximize square-footage in the small space. After seeing how the beds turned out, I can't help but think I need to immediately add purple bunk beds into every room in my house!
As Lucy grows, Kim's idea is that the bunk beds will transition into just one lofted bed with a small nook or study space underneath. Because the room is on the smaller side, Kim will make sure that every nook and cranny is intentional so that the room stays functional for Lucy in each stage of her life.
Next up on the agenda: unicorns! Kim used Lucy's masterpieces to complete her dream - her own unicorn artwork, pictures of Lucy in unicorn costume, and she even transformed a paint-by-number of a horse into a whimsical unicorn scene.  Kim added, " In short, we had FUN creating her dream big kid room!"
This room is 100% Lucy: a space created for her and by her. It stands out by being its own vibe in the Vargo home. Kim mentioned that she can't think of a second place in their entire home where she used purple, let alone as the foundation of a space!
Kim's favorite piece of the room is hands-down Lucy's own framed artwork. Other top contenders include a vintage mini brass rocking horse displayed on a shelf and a vintage snow globe given to Lucy by her Papa.
To accentuate Lucy's classic name, Kim picked a cursive Eventide Pennant Co Name Pennant! She continued Lucy's desire to have a purple room by highlighting her name in plum, on a beige background with mustard siding. Her pennant hangs on the gallery wall, complemented by all her colorful artwork and pictures.
You can find more about this room transformation HERE!
You can follow along with Kim and Scott (and Lucy!) as they share design tips and tricks on instagram.

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