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Eventide Steps Inside: Knox's Room

Eventide Steps Inside: Knox's Room

Wallpaper, board and batten, and old school superhero prints are the items that spark joy for Stevie Watson and her son Knox (age 5) of British Colombia, Canada. In this vintage, boy room, Stevie has collected pieces that catch her eye, but also make this bedroom Knox's very own space within their home.


Stevie looked to Knox for approval before finalizing any decor choices in his room. By looking to her son for the green light, she has ensured Knox has a space that is fun and inviting as well as being a reflection of him. It is important to Stevie that her children have a fun space that feels like their own. One way she included Knox in the decor of his bedroom is with a vintage Spiderman poster right inside his door. She then included Knox's own artwork framed in antique frames of various shapes and sizes to play on the vintage vibe she loves.
Next, Stevie mixed in a little bit of modern decor and some fun striped wallpaper for a pop of color that pulls in personality traits of Knox - quirky and bold. She even upcycled an old lamp by painting it green and adding a simple Wal-Mart lamp shade to find the perfect piece to add-on to the dresser.  Stevie is a huge fan of thrifting. If you look around Knox's room, you will find mirrors, frames, books, and clothes that are all on their second life...and thriving!
As Knox grows, Stevie believes this room will easily grow with him. She is currently looking into splurging on a crafting desk to fill a need for her 5 year old and brainstormed with us a few subtle changes that would make the room more mature in the years to come. The first thing that came to mind was adding dark blue to the walls - as much as we're both swooning over that wallpaper, I do love a moody wall color!
Among her favorites in the room are a recently thrifted antique oval mirror, Knox's Eventide Pennant Co name pennant, and the blue striped wallpaper.
When picking her son's name, Stevie recalls there was never a second choice. Stevie and her husband were on what felt like a never ending name hunt for their first born. Knox was the first, and last, name they agreed on! Once they thought of the name, the hunt was over, there was no need to keep looking. They had their perfect pick and still love it now as much as they did the first time they thought of it. As Knox has grown and shows off his fun personality, the name has proven to fit him perfectly. 
For Knox's name pennant, Stevie started with a dark background to help the pennant pop on his light blue walls. She then chose Freestyle font because she said she loved how it complimented the boyhood vibe in the room. Lastly, Stevie chose a neutral beige for the letters and a fun sage siding for a pop of color.  We absolutely love how it turned out!

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