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Eventide Steps Inside: Heidi Jo's Room

Eventide Steps Inside: Heidi Jo's Room

Are you the kind of person who blurts out a pregnancy announcement before the second line fully shows up on your pregnancy test? Maybe you tell a few souls close to you but mostly hold in the exciting news until the end of the first trimester? The 20 week anatomy scan? Josie Hatcher shocked her followers, and even her own family, by keeping her entire pregnancy a secret! Not many were in on the secret, but Eventide had the privilege of helping announce her rainbow baby to the world with a name pennant.

Josie is a content creator and photographer in a rural Kentucky.  She lives in a beautiful area completely surrounded by farmland with her husband, son, and newborn daughter, Heidi Jo. 
Since Heidi was a secret, her room had to be one too! Josie says she and her husband hustled to complete the room during the last month of her pregnancy -- phew, what a feat! Although her home is full of collectibles and antiques, she thought her newborn baby girl needed a much more upbeat bedroom. Wanting to give Heidi her own space and personality in the house, she kept thinking back to a photo she had seen on Pinterest years prior. Josie remembers adoring a post showing a playful room full of bright colors, which begged its inhabitants to play there all day. She also was inspired by the Barbie movie to max out on pink and desired to use the decor to ignite her daughter's imagination.
Dollhouses, butterflies, and cupcakes, oh my! Josie definitely added pink to just about every corner of the room. Heidi's bedroom is the epitome of fun and playful: full of homemade items, unique prints, and a few thrifted goods.  It's shocking that something so good can be curated in just a few short weeks!
Josie's most loved pieces include the handmade dollhouse and decorative giant cupcakes, and of course, her Eventide Pennant Co custom name pennant.  Heidi's name was inspired by Josie's memories of her great grandma, Hattie, the most amazing woman she has ever known. She desired her daughter's name to be tied to that of her kind, graceful, and joyous great great grandmother's. 
Josie chose a double name pennant for sweet Heidi Jo. She of course had to stay on theme with a light pink background and chose coral to make the name and siding stand out among all the other fun colors in the nursery.
Josie whipped this room together on a budget by purchasing a few handmade, small shop items, like her name pennant, by thrifting items such as the rug, books, and by reusing her son's crib. She can't wait to learn more about Heidi and let her change up the space as she develops her own sense of style and design.
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