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7 Ways to Incorporate a Pennant into your Home

7 Ways to Incorporate a Pennant into your Home

  Okay, so you want one of these precious pennants adorning your nursery or playroom wall, but where should you put it and how to hang it?! We can help! There are endless great possibilities to consider, so read on for ideas.


  • On a gallery wall
  • This is such a versatile option because a gallery wall can bend modern or vintage or fall somewhere in between. 

    Vintage ~

    This is full-on vintage with the natural wood tones throughout, wall paper, and table decor (that lampshade!). 


    Modern ~

    Here is a more modern example with a bright-colored pennant among uniform rectangular white frames. This combo (new square/rectangular frames + bright pennant colors) works great in a minimalistic home.


    Modern-Vintage Combo ~

    And here is a personal favorite option, incorporating a pennant alongside both modern and vintage art. We suggest picking one or two favorite pieces of art (can even be your child’s artwork!) and pulling a color from it to coordinate within your pennant (here, the red edging and red door, beige background and creamy tones within the room). This gives the room a comfortable and homey but clean look.


  • Over a peg rail/coat rack
  • Hanging a peg rail or coat rack leaves negative space above that begs to be filled with some personality. This is a great option in a child’s room or mudroom, to assign a particular area to him/her. 


  • “Shelfies”
  •      Do you have a shelf that needs refreshing? Or a blank wall that you’ve wondered how to fill? Here are a couple of inspiration walls that are seriously easy to create and add so much character to a space. Our pennants fit right in there, setting it apart with a custom look. 


  • Over a bed
  • I think we all want a space of our own, a corner even that is solely ours. I remember how special I felt as a child just getting a keychain with my name on it, something that was clearly mine. I can imagine how special it would have been to have a pennant with my name on it over my bed. This is a precious use of our pennants every time, both for the look and the feel.


  • On a door
  • No explanation needed here. A hallway with each child’s door marked with a pennant? So fun. Coordinate pennant and room colors and you have a sweet, unique entry.


  • Framed

    There is something about a framed pennant that I especially love. It creates a uniform look when added to a gallery wall, alongside other frames. It can also appear slightly formal within a frame, which some may prefer over the more playful look of the pennant alone.


  • Differing angles
  • It may be subtle, but the angle of your pennant does make a difference! Below are a few examples to help you decide how to hang yours. (Pro tip: Sticky tack works great to literally hang these without making holes in the wall. Push-pins also work well!)


    Point down ~ 


    Soft angle down ~ 


    Straight on ~

    Soft angle up ~

    Hard angle up


    Hard angle down


    We hope this post offers some helpful guidance! Can’t wait to see how you incorporate a pennant in your room!



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