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Eventide Steps Inside: River's Nursery

Eventide Steps Inside: River's Nursery

  River was born into a family of nature lovers. One of his dad’s favorite places in the world is his grandfather’s river cabin, inspiring this guy’s strong, unique name. We got the inside scoop on his sweet nursery from his mom, Kylie, who said she really wanted River’s nursery to have a vintage, classic flair and I’d say she succeeded beautifully. Glancing around the room, your eyes shift easily from wooden mallards to gingham prints to antique art.



     Kylie confessed she loves thrifting, her finds scattered throughout her home. However, she shared, “I definitely wanted the space to be kid-oriented and have touches that I maybe wouldn’t put in a living space and were special for the baby.” She landed on a precious wooden toy train, blue mallard duck decoy, navy shelf with heart cutouts, and a set of seriously amazing mallard bookends (I mean… adorable!).



    For River’s name pennant, Kylie decided to go with the Custom Mini Name Pennant. “I have the smaller size for my other boys and wanted them all to match…I chose navy and light gray to go with the blues in the rest of the room.” On the neighboring wall you find a neutral gallery of frames and a shelf that features more plays on the water theme, including a framed cross-stitched duck Kylie’s mom made for her.



    Despite the limitations that accompany renting a home, Kylie was able to create such a distinctive and personal space for her youngest son. She admitted that board and batten walls would have been fun (or even just painting them as they are) but she didn’t want to put in extra work they would have to undo later. Instead, she found other ways to add in color. The blue checkered curtains she chose add a playful pop to the room, in addition to the quilt of blues (that Kylie made herself, I must add!). 



    Kylie, you truly pulled off such a warm and character-rich space for your sweet boy, River. Thank you for the honor of a glimpse into his room and your love for him.

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