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Eventide Steps Inside: Henry & Emmet's room

Eventide Steps Inside: Henry & Emmet's room

Are you the kind of person who only buys items that include 2 day shipping and easy returns? Or do you prefer the thrill of the hunt and spend hours sifting through facebook marketplace for the perfect piece?

For Leah Gaeddert, a small town mom of three from the midwest, thrifting and up-cycling is the name of the game for her home decor.
Although her family has only been in their current home for just over a year, the charm of her vintage furniture makes it seem like she has been spending years curating pieces to perfectly fit in her sons' shared room.
Leah's two sons, Emmet (6) and Henry (4), share a room that combines the charm of worn-in pieces with the joys of boyhood! From their colorful orange and yellow quilts, to their Eventide Pennant Co pennants and bunting, Leah has transformed a once boring office space, into a place where her sons can make magic each day.
To start this transition, Leah added in double doors to create a welcoming feel into the boys' new room. She was drawn to this room for her boys because its spaciousness, stunning hardwood floors, and, of course, the giant window which lets in lots of warm sunlight. 
Leah, an artist herself, is nothing short of amazing. She conceptualizes something for the room, finds a piece that matches her vision, refinishes it, and perfectly places each item in her home. It is important to her however, that her boys have a say in their own room. In contrast to the rest of her home, which features less vibrant colors and many mid-century modern pieces, the boys room is simple and vintage-inspired, with her sons' favorite colors sprinkled heavily throughout. She also made sure to meet their adamant request of having bedside tables. Leah mentioned her non-negotiables for this room: white walls, vintage beds, and vintage dressers/armoires. 
Finding an entire room of vintage furniture is actually a family affair! Leah's mother found the amazing sleigh bed and gifted it to her. Emmet's gray Jenny Lind bed was a Facebook Marketplace find that Leah painted. Many other magical pieces, like the three dressers, chalkboards, globes, and quilts were also thrifted. As impressive as Leah and her mother's thrifting skills are, we have to stop and marvel at the fact that not only does she have an eye for design, but Leah herself has made a few of the charming pieces in the room: the quilted pillows and rainbow pillow cases (shop her fabric here).
Above the boys' beds, their burnt orange, red, mustard, and cream Name Pennants are on display. Leah chose matching colors to tie together the room but rotated background and siding colors to keep each one slightly unique. We all know picking colors is the most difficult of the pennant process - Leah's inspiration came from an instagram post that showcased brother pennants in a similar color pallet and she fell in love with the vintage feel. 
Her boys' room also has one of our bestsellers - a muted rainbow bunting because in her words, "you just can't go wrong with a muted rainbow!" - and we must say, we agree.... Leah mentioned that the pennants were the ideal piece to finish the space she worked so hard to create.  
Other pieces in this room that she loves are the boys gingham hanging pods from Feeding Pickle, posters from Lorna Freytag, and Hazel Village and Blabla dolls. She also told us that the she couldn't be happier she splurged on a great wool rug for beneath the beds!
Although she plans to give Emmet and Henry their own space as they get older, Leah wants to reuse pretty much all of the items from the boys shared room in their new spaces, including their EPC Name Pennants. 

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