Eventide Steps Inside: Lottie's Nursery

Picking out a baby name can be a difficult task! Which came first for you: the baby or the name? Some people have names picked out far before the possibility of children, and others are stuck at the hospital, unsure what to choose for their little one.
Ashley's husband fell in love with the name Charlotte but Ashley herself knew this little girl needed a playful nickname. The nickname Lottie has proven to be the perfect fit for her personality.
Ashley is a talented interior designer living in St. Louis, MO with her husband and two daughters, Piper and Lottie (18 months).  In her opinion, the key to designing a good nursery is creating a transitional place. Starting with an ageless foundation with the walls, furniture, and lighting, she then adds in accessories and decor pieces to give that soft, cozy feel. Creating Lottie's room this way will make it easy to swap out pieces as her daughter grows, without breaking the bank. She even already has a fantastic bamboo twin bed for Lottie when she starts escaping her crib!
The star of this show is easily the Chinoiserie wallpaper that draws in your eyes from the hallway of their home. Ashley had been hoarding this wallpaper for years. She told us, "When I found out baby #2 was a girl, I pulled this paper out and got designing! I wanted this tiny space to feel like a secret garden and be super feminine."  After she broke out the wallpaper, it was an easy choice to continue the color pallet with pink wainscoting.  Ashley kept up the femininity of the room by adding details like tassels and the scalloped cornice boxes. She also admitted she splurged on the wallpaper, and we have to agree that it was so worth the investment! 
But, back to those cornice boxes.  Can you believe they were a DIY project? As are most of the tasks in their home, the decorating process for Lottie's room was a family effort. Together, they applied moldings, which "elevated the tiny space and made it feel more special".  Adding the cornice boxes took the room to the next level! Placed very intentionally just below the moulding, these boxes were used to make the room seem taller.
Ashley's other favorite parts of the room are the light fixture and bold green mirror. Ashley grew up with the same chandelier in her own childhood bedroom. After adding a fresh coat of paint to the outside and accenting the inside with yellow to coordinate with the wallpaper, this butterfly chandelier was given new life to shine in Lottie's nursery. The mirror is yet another family treasure passed down.  The mirror was always a staple in Ashleys childhood home, and now it is continuing its legacy here.
When choosing to add an Eventide Pennant Co mini name pennant into Lottie's room, it was clear that the pinks and greens from the wallpaper would be a continued themeShe settled on cream siding, candy pink background, and sage letters. I immediately fell in love with Ashley's choices as soon as I saw it! I'm a sucker for a colorful background.  Placing Lottie's pennant on her bedroom door gives a little glimpse of the color scheme happening on the other side of the door.
Check out more of Ashley's amazing design work in Lottie's nursery, as well as many other spaces, by following her on instagram at @ashleyobradovits
(Photo credit:  Lisa Mitchel @photography_by-Li and Brittany Kastner @blkphotographyphotos)

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