Eventide Pennant Co.

Sample Swatches


$1.75 each

Not exactly sure which colors you're wanting for your pennant, bunting, and/or banner? Grab some swatches to help you narrow it down.  You'll receive your selected swatches in the mail so you can see the first-hand how they'll look in your space!

Each swatch is approximately 3in x 1in and conveniently has the name of the color along with the possible placements for the color (background, siding, and/or letters).


Our $5 flat rate shipping cost will apply to sample swatches. However, included with your sample swatches there will be a PROMO CODE FOR FREE SHIPPING on your next order! 

Please note: Not all colors are available for all 3 placements (background, siding, and letters. ie: Candy Pink is only available for backgrounds, Navy is only available for siding and letters, etc).  See the photos in this listing to know which colors are available for certain placements. All 'letter' colors are available for buntings and banners.